Top Things To Know While Trekking To Kedarnath Ji Temple

It feels like you are just a few km away from heaven while on the trek to Kedarnath temple. You will need to trek 16 km for one side to explore this holiest Hindu pilgrimage site known as Kedarnath. Kedarnath Temple is one of the holiest places of India and very popular across the Indian nation. Kedarnath temple is located in the Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand state of India.

The word Kedar stands for Mercy and Nath stands for lord so the Kedarnath together can be referred to as The Lord of Mercy "Kedarnath". The Kedarnath temple is referred to Lord Shiva, every year millions of pilgrims reach Kedarnath Temple with the hope of positive happenings, cure, peace, and other motives.

trekking to kedarnath ji temple

How to reach Kedarnath From Delhi?

There are many good buses, train, and flights are available up to Rishikesh. The main journey starts from Rishikesh. Click here you want to know more about more about How to reach Rishikesh from New Delhi? From Rishikesh, it's all hill drive. Gauri Kund is the last point up to where you can drive. After Gauri Kund either you have to fly or trek. Flying by a chopper within minutes is pretty easy so I am not talking about this. I am talking about the real adventure and to earn the respect for your pilgrimage journey towards the holiest places of Lord Shiva "Kedarnath Temple". Please note down the below navigation for Kedarnath temple from Rishikesh.

Rishikesh >> Byasi >> Devprayag >> Srinagar >> Rudraprayag >> Agastmuni >> Ukhimath >> Phata >> Sonprayag >> Gaurikund >> Kedarnath Ji Temple

Gaurikund is 210 km from Rishikesh and overall hill drive which takes approx 8 hours to reach. From Gaurikund you have to trek for 16 km to reach Kedarnath temple. Start your trekking in the morning so that you can reach at the Kedarnath temple by noon. Average trekker completes this trek within 5 hours.


1. In the event that one experiences difficulty in strolling, hypersensitivity to horse or donkey or steed pee and dropping or time is a short, should make the arrangement by Helicopter.

2. A typical explorer takes just 5 hours to reach at the sanctuary from Gaurikund by walk. So walk quietly never surge while strolling which could trigger wheezing.

3. Abstain from taking Pony or Horse from Sonprayag it will build your adventure by two hours. Take horse from Gaurikund or even begin your strolling trip from Gaurikund.

4. Begin promptly in the first part of the day from Gaurikund so that by twelve you can reach till sanctuary. Have darshan and Stay medium-term at GMVN office at Temple.and following day morning begin for Gaurikund.
Keep in mind in the event that one is arranging same day return, there are full shots he will reach Gaurikund by early night or late night, all things considered, he will discover hard to get a seat for Gaurikund to Sonprayag exchange. In night colossal line takes for exchange to Sonprayag. Furthermore getting room turns out to be exceptionally troublesome at Gaurikund as there are not very many hotels at Gaurikund while footfall is around 4000 pioneers in May, June.

5. Never travel with children of age underneath 12. climate is entirely eccentric some time brilliant radiant, one hour from now may turn stormy with hailstorm, snowfall. At this 3000 meters, oxygen levels are low.

6. Most agreeable method of movement is palanquin or Doli which may charge between 8000-10000
Kandi charges for around outing around 5000.
Horse charges for around outing around 5000 - 6000.
Helicopter tickets around 8500/adult.
Trekking is free.

7. Convey BSNL, Vodafone and Reliance Jio SIM.Out of three anybody will work without a doubt.

8. Convey overcoat, water-safe boot, spotlight, wool or stitched coats, windcheater, ordinary medication, backpack. Try not to convey bag it is hard to carry on the horse.

9. Carry Aadhar card.

10. Amid Yatra, one can hold up a protest at police corner on the off chance that you discover anything wrong report at the closest police headquarters.

11. Convey your yatra card.

12. Try not to miss Triyuginarayan this is must visit put close Sonprayag.

13. Stay away from night trekking as there is a wild bear in Kedar valley.

Live Weather Report of Kedarnath Temple


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