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pithoragarh Uttarakhand

Pithoragarh is the easternmost district of Uttarakhand, neighbouring Tibet in the north and Nepal in the east. A place of exquisite natural beauty and serenity, Pithoragarh is popularly known as the 'Little Kashmir'.

Explore Pithoragarh


Pithoragarh is the easternmost locale of Uttarakhand, neighboring Tibet in the north and Nepal in the east. A position of perfect regular magnificence and peacefulness, Pithoragarh is prominently known as the 'Little Kashmir'. This enthralling town with entrancing woods around it is situated at an amazing stature of 1,645 m and is settled in a little valley. Pithoragarh town is a recorded point of interest. It was a noteworthy focal point of energy amid the administration of the Chand Kings in Kumaon.

From here, explorers take their adventure to the heavenly holy places, Kailash and Mansarovar.This valley likewise settles the snow-peaked pinnacles Nanda Devi East (7,434 m) and West (7,817 m). Underneath these strong pinnacles lie the snow capped valleys and ice sheets like Milam, Ralam, Namik and Sundardunga.

History of Pithoragarh

*Pals (Katyuri kings)
After its triumph by Bhartpal, the Rajwar of Uku (now in Nepal), in the year 1364, Pithoragarh was ruled for whatever is left of the fourteenth century by three ages of Pals, and the kingdom reached out from Pithoragarh to Askot.

*Bam Dynasty
As indicated by a tamrapatra (engraved copper or metal plaque) from 1420, the Pal tradition, based out of Askot, was removed by Chand rulers. Vijay Brahm (of the Brahm line from Doti) assumed control over the domain as King. Following the passing of Gyan Chand, in a contention with Kshetra Pal, the Pals could recapture the position of authority.

*Chand Dynasty
It is trusted that Bharti Chand, a progenitor of Gyan Chand, had supplanted Bams, the leader of Pithoragarh, in the wake of overcoming them in 1445. In the sixteenth century, the Chand line again took control over Pithoragarh town and, in 1790, fabricated another fortification on the slope where the present Girls Inter College is arranged. This fortification was wrecked by the Indian government in 1962 after China assaulted India.[why?]
The Chand lead, at its pinnacle, is viewed as a standout amongst the most conspicuous realms in Kumaon. Their manage likewise agrees with a time of social resurgence. Archeological reviews point towards the improvement of culture and works of art in this period.
The King of Kumaon Chand of (Pithoragarh), has a Prince Deepak Chand last controlling from Dauli, Pithoragarh.

*British rule
English administer started on 2 December 1815 when Nepal was compelled to sign the Sugauli Treaty. Pithoragarh remained a tehsil under Almora region until the point when 1960 when its status was raised to that of a region. There was an armed force cantonment, a congregation, and a mission school, bringing about the spread of Christianity in the locale.

*Modern Pithoragarh
In 1997, part of Pithoragarh district was separated to form the new Champawat district.

Best Time To Visit Pithoragar

ranikhet hd image
Pithorgarh has a cool but pleasant climate in summers and chilly climate in winters.

Summers (April to June) are extremely lovely with direct atmosphere and the temperature ranges from 7-20°C. Summers are perfect for all touring, sanctuary visit and furthermore to visit close-by attractions.
Storms (August to November) are went with light showers. The days are charming and the evenings are nippy.
Winters (December to March) are crisp days with normal least touching close to 4°C, with most extreme failing to cross 8°C. Commonly visitors keep away from this season. The winters are went with overwhelming snowfalls.
The best season to visit Pithorgarh is from April to November.
April to August offers cool and wonderful atmosphere and the correct period to spend unwinding minutes in the outside and is perfect for sanctuary visits.
September to November is useful for touring and this season is attractive with delightful landscapes.
December to March is crisp. The individuals who like snowbound excursions can select this season. Overwhelming woolen garments are required for excursions in this period.


kapileshwar mahadev pithoragarh uttarakhand Kapileshwar Mahadev
It is a give in sanctuary committed to Lord Shiva, arranged in the edges of the city. From here, one can have an all encompassing perspective of the Sor Valley and the encompassing Himalayan pinnacles.

pithoragarh fort in pithoragarh uttarakhand Pithoragarh Fort
An amazing fortress worked by the Gorkhas in the eighteenth Century. The Government Buildings are housed in this Fort.

dhwaj temple pithoragarh uttarakhand Dhwaj Temple
At a height of 2,100 m, this sanctuary is devoted to Lord Shiva and Goddess Jayanti. It is situated at a point, which offers a beautiful perspective of the valley and the slopes around and the snow-topped pinnacles. Separation is 21 km by transport and 5 km trek.

thal kedar pithoragarh uttarakhand Thal Kedar

Situated at a separation of 20 km from Pithoragarh, this place is of incredible religious significance. An expansive reasonable is held each year amid Shivaratri.

askot pithoragarh uttarakhand Askot
Arranged at a separation of 54 km from Pithoragarh, Askot is an old kingdom of the Katyuri tradition. This place is acclaimed for Askot Wildlife Sanctuary set up for the preservation of musk deer. The name is gotten from Asi-Kot, which truly implies 80 posts. The remaining parts are as yet obvious. This place is encompassed by tall trees and waterfalls.


pithoragarh uttarakhand Paragliding
Paragliding is extremely celebrated air experience movement for those, who need to make sky as a play area. This exciting experience wear enables you to hang float high noticeable all around. Paragliding turned out to be exceptionally well known amid 1980s

pithoragarh uttarakhand Trekking
The Pithoragarh Sin La Trek explores crosswise over rich green fields, remote towns and virgin woods and further it associates Bidang in Darma Valley to Jolingkong Lake in the Kuthi Yankti valley..

pithoragarh uttarakhand Skiing

With their tremendous open spaces, over the snowline, the Garhwal and Kumaon slopes of Uttar Pradesh, offer a plenty of ski districts. For the energetic skier, cross - nation keeps running of 10-20 km are currently accessible, with the additional favorable position of new powder snow

pithoragarh uttarakhand Fishing
Pancheswar is acclaimed for angling amid the months from April-July and September and October in stream of Maha Kali, Sardu and Sarju .Mahaseer or the Great Head is a fish that is thought to be a definitive angling trophy for those angling in these districts. While on this energizing angling trip you likewise appreciate the normal excellence of the encompassing backwoods, streams and the high mountains.

pithoragarh uttarakhand River Rafting

About undertakings on River Sarda (or Sharda) while requesting River Mahakali boating, as the two names mean a similar stream; and both are the names of Goddess Kali, whose sanctuary is situated in Kalapaani, some place in the outskirt of India and Nepal.

City Facts

State: Uttarakhand

District: Pithoragarh

Famous for/as: Scenic

Languages: Kumaoni, Hindi

Season: Mar - Jun, Sep - Dec

Weather: Summer 15-30°C,

Winter: 0-24°C

Altitude: 1514 m

Pincode: 208016

STD code: 05964

Distances from Important locations

Delhi to Pithoragarh: 457 km

Nagpur to Pithoragarh: 1207 km

Bangalore to Pithoragarh: 227 km

Almora to Pithoragarh: 160 km

Ranikhet to Pithoragarh: 216 km

Live Weather Report of Pithoragarh



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