Trekking to Kedarkantha

Trek Name: Kedarkantha Winter Trek
Best Time: October to May
Location: Sankari, Tehri, Uttarakhand, India
Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Highest Altitude: 12500 ft.
Minimum Age: 8 Years
Duration: 05 Night / 06 Days
Trek Distance: 20 KMS
Railway Station: Dehradun is the nearest railway station
Airport: Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun
Base Camp: Sankri (10 hrs drive from Dehradun)
ATM: Purola has the last ATM point before your trek begins
Temprature: Day time: 8°C-15°C; Night time: -5°C-3°C
Activity: Trekking and Camping
kedarkantha trek

For those of you who are searching for some exciting experience then Kedarkantha trek is splendidly made for you. Beautified with a flabbergasting heavenliness of falling snow and flanked with pine trees, The Kedarkantha Peak is a champion among the most searched for after snow trekking goals in India. You will begin this trek from Dehradun which is another lovely goal. The drive to Kedarkantha takes you through Mussoorie, and a portion of the beautiful magnificence of the area till you achieves Sankri.

In spite of the fact that it is a remote course yet the lovely drive will influence you to gaze at it for long. Ideal from the Kedarkantha base camp, you'll see astonishing 360-degree viewpoints of understood mountain summits. This is staggering. When you get to the Kedarkantha summit, it is just as you have touched the sky and each one of the summits is at your eye level. Get entranced by the perspectives as you keep strolling through the mysterious grounds. Roosted at a stature of 3810 meters which is around 12,000 feet this is a flawless trekking trail which covers a combine separation of 20 km.

Amid your trek, you will go over a portion of the superb sights of the snow-topped Himalayas, the verdant greenery, lavish scenes, a heap gathering of verdure and solidified lakes. As you proceed with your trek you will likewise observe remote towns where women and youngsters are caught up with taking, groups of wooden logs, wooden adheres and dry leaves to utilize them for concocting and set blazes during the evening. Kedarkantha trekking bundle gives you that immaculate trekking knowledge that you have been long sitting tight for.

Tour details

Day 1: Dehradun - Sankri (7-8 hrs by road)

From Dehradun, drive to Sankri by means of Mussorrie. Lunch will be had en route. The drive is a magnificent one as the way takes you along the Yamuna, choice Tons stream, and pine woodlands. When you achieve Sankri that is saturated with regular excellence, register with the inn.

At night, appreciate a walk around the beguiling town and warm up for the Kedarkantha trek to come ahead. Overnight can be spent in the inn.

Day 2: Sankri - Juda-ka-Talab (3-4hrs)

Despite the fact that the visit begins from Dehradun however the trekking trip initiates from Sankri as it were. Having an encouraging start after a sound breakfast at the lodging it's an excursion straight towards Juda Ka Talab which is based at a height of 9100 feet. It's a 4km trekking venture and the rough time for achieving the same is around 5 hours.

The adventure starts by moving out of Sankri town through an expansion called Sor. Once the town is crossed the street takes a wide bend and ascensions forcefully. Moving along the stream this is the street that moves towards the Kedarkantha.The beginning ascension would climb a few extensions through thick woods trees and thick cover of maple and pine leaves all dark colored in shading. It's a wonderful vision and a pictorial view that leaves all entranced. The trail is wide and one can hear the hints of running streams all through yet may not be in see till considerably further.

In transit one can see remote towns where ladies and children are discovered conveying packs of wooden logs, wooden adheres and dry leaves to use them for family unit concocting and setting night fire. While crunching the dried maple and oak leaves in transit up one can likewise see Himalayan Languars swinging starting with one branch of trees then onto the next. In spite of the fact that they are to some degree bashful creature it's hard to have a courageous perspective of them as they move rapidly from the vision's range. Aside from this, hogs, martens and bunnies can likewise be seen in this locale.

The situation anyway changes a considerable measure in the late spring months when the delectable knolls stay verdant green with sloping blooms of one of a kind. Intersection few streams and proceeding through the trail and rising sharp through thick oaks one can achieve the wonderful pictorial spot of Jadu Ka Talab which can never be missed by any trekker because of its sharp differentiating and special excellence.

Day 3: Juda-ka-Talab to Kedarkantha Base

The inebriating venture proceeds with day where the trekkers are bound to trek towards Kedarkantha base which lies at a height of 11, 250 feet. The separation from Jadu Ka Talab to this goal is around 4kms and in a direct speed, it takes around 2.5 hours to achieve the place. In the wake of having the morning breakfast set out for the following trip where the trail is to some degree clear and very noticeable. The track again starts through thick woodlands of pine and oak trees just and through the lofty edge and considerably more thick zones.

In this trial, one will run over numerous shepherd hovels in open glades which are similarly wonderful to see. At a height of around 10,400 feet, one can imagine hints of snow in and around the track just on the off chance that it is the winter months trekking. With winding streets wandering through dry oak woods, extended knolls and through paths around shepherd hovels the trail proceeds to Kedarkantha Base. In the center, one can enjoy a long reprieve to reenergize the body and get the captivating perspective of common party in the territory. Just before coming to the Kedarkantha Base one can appreciate the interesting perspectives of a bend molded scope of snow-topped mountains containing Bandarpoonch, Swargarohini, Kala Nag and Ranglana emerging gladly displaying their magnificence.

In the wake of achieving the base, set up the tent of every a favored chosen put which is open and one can appreciate an unmistakable perspective of the night sky. In any case, it is prudent to be situated in the nearby gathering instead of in a much-scattered manner oblivious. The night sky is similarly excellent with sparkling stars and sparkling planets ornamenting the sun. As the night develops the sight turns out to be additionally beguiling with the Milky Way extending from one end to the next, the thick system of stars and the flickering pinnacle of the mountain all meet up to give a wonder striking perspective that remaining parts engraved as a primary concern. In any case, in such a tallness, it is conceivable to frosty waves so legitimate woolens ought to be conveyed for security. Overnight rest at the tent.

Day 4: Kedarkantha base to Kedarkantha peak; descend to Hargaon camp

The fourth day of the trek is bound to overcome the Kedarnath Pinnacle. Today the trekkers need to climb a height from 11,250 feet to 12,500 feet. The timetable of the day incorporates climbing to Kedarkantha pinnacle and after that again dropping back till Hargaon camp which is based at 8900 feet. The aggregate voyage involves 6kms inside and out and takes around 7 hours of time at a direct speed. Preferably, it is a difficult day yet the energy of the trip and overcoming the pinnacle would be far more noteworthy and considerably more commendable in contrasted with the difficulties that lay ahead for the guests. The day starts right on time with a filling breakfast and getting a charge out of the dawn from the Kedarkantha glades which is an essentially astounding, unadulterated and divine. One can loll in the main beams of the morning sun and pick up as much empower feasible for the day ahead. One can even imagine the delightful crest from these glades which hoist the fervor. The route to the best can be made through a few trails yet it is smarter to take the fundamental trail as its continue ascending at an even level. On this course, the trekkers need to again cover a couple of segments of the oak woods yet the adventure through this trail is considerably less demanding and speedier. Moving through the backwoods till its end, one can discover the Kedarkantha crest considerably nearer. Towards the finish of the trail and near the best the trek turns into somewhat troublesome and can be a little strenuous particularly out of the blue trekkers. Be that as it may, the view from the best and the astonishing area is justified regardless of the exertion.

At the highest point of the crest, there is a wonderful yet little sanctuary committed to Master Shiva and goddess Parvati. There is a little place of worship of Master Ganesh as well. The capturing 360 perspective of the snow-clad pinnacles of Uttarakhand is inebriating and amazing to be penned down. One can unwind at the best for quite a while and appreciate the otherworldly excellence of nature and after that drop towards base camp by early afternoon. In the wake of achieving the camp enjoy a reprieve for lunch and refreshments. Once casual, set out for sliding besides to Hargaon camp. This time once more, it's an excursion back through thick oak backwoods, pine and maple trees, shepherd hovels and solidified streams. Appreciating the excellence of the area and getting a charge out of the standard clearings, which is exceptional of Kedarkantha trip dive further to Hargaon campground.

On achieving the campgrounds set the tent and check the finish of another brilliant day with supper and overnight rest at the tent. Be that as it may, for the aficionado's explorers, there's the choice of setting up an open air fire here and getting a charge out of the evening time feel talking and having a decent time with the trip companions together.

Day 5: Hargaon camp to Sankri

Today the calendar is set apart to descend further to Sankri which sliding from 8900 feet to 6400 feet. The ideal opportunity for plummeting this around 6 km long trail takes around 4 hours or more at a direct speed. The main morning sun from Horagaon campground is the nexus of the thick wood pine timberland is similarly wonderful. Subsequent to having the breakfast, pack the rucksack to plunge besides through an all the more obviously stamped all around cleared pathway, weighed down with little stones. Wandering through rich thick pine woodlands one can see seeing streams streaming by in a gradual manner. One can fill in the water here for whatever remains of the track.

A little further down the trail goes to an edge from where it gives an awesome perspective of Har ki Dun valley or the Valley of Divine beings in its ecstatic and amicable view. One can investigate the place increasingly and appreciate capturing the exquisite valley from the separation. One can likewise appreciate the sights of the flawless widely varied vegetation and take speedy snaps of the same to hold the recollections of the excellent put caught for future. Sliding a besides through the thick woods one can see the main indications of residence and by night one can achieve Sankri. The last 2500 feet is loaded with thick pine woodlands.

On achieving the base, return to the lodging and spruce up and get agreed to the day. On the off chance that the energy stays, one can again get out investigating the town to gather some nearby things to keep as a trinket of the area. Despite the fact that very few items are accessible here one can simply have little handcrafted merchandise, wooden toys, and wooden home stylistic theme things for loved ones. Become acquainted with local people and find out about their way of life here. Life moves at a moderate pace in Sankri which is home for around 120 families. Potatoes, rice, and apples are the principle fixings here and individuals leave in wooden houses to shield from colder climate. The confidence in religion is very solid here and customary suppers or fairs are sorted out here with amusement being finished with people melodies and local move. Supper can be tasted at the dhaba based here serving nearby nourishment or one can appreciate delightful North Indian and Western cooking at the lodging premises. Overnight remain at the lodging.

Day 6: Departure day (Sankri to Dehradun)

The most recent day of the excursion is the takeoff day where the trekkers need to head out back to Dehradun. Goodbye Sumo or a comparative influence auto to will be accommodated a movement pack of 220 km to the city. Begin the day ahead of schedule by getting a charge out of the morning sun by and by from Sankri and after that appreciate a solid and savoring breakfast at the inn. Gather the sacks and take every one of the effects and look at of the lodging by 8 am around with the goal that the voyage to Dehradun can be begun early. The separation takes around 10 hours to reach barring the break times so the prior one begins it's dependably the better. The arrival will again be through NH123, however there are different courses accessible too through Mori Sankari Street or through NH72. In any case, it's smarter to take the underlying NH123 course just as it is the briefest and have considerably less activity. Picturesque feel and flawless environment check the streets back to Dehradun city. Love the beautiful excellence of the area, the dry magnificence of nature, the extended scenes, the verdant glades and stunning feel that satisfies the heart inside and out.

The best piece of the trek is that the outing is very much adjusted and astutely bundled so voyagers get sufficient rest and unwinding and appreciate the magnificence at each stop without hustling at wherever. It is an outing all around intended to deal with the solace and offices of the voyagers. The excursion back to Dehradun stretches around 7 o clock evening time. The vacationers can be off boarded either at the railroad station or at the airplane terminal according to their necessity. From here they can design the following voyage by booking a movement well after 8 pm. For every one of the individuals who wish to remain in Dehradun and appreciate the place for a day or more can book an inn in the city and spend some more dazzling days amidst the wonderful Himalayas.

About the destination

In the heavenly like the province of Uttarakhand lies the cold joy of Kedarkantha trek which is another excellent trek. Near the acclaimed Har ki dun valley, this place is lesser gone by. Saturated with top-notch excellence, here you find enchanting towns, immense extends of knolls, snow ways and eminent perspectives of the considerable Himalayas. The general population of the district is said to be inviting and take after a special culture and practice. Uttarakhand, saturating nature's wonderfulness offers a sensational scene spotted with dazzling lakes, serene waterways, mountains and rising Himalayan pinnacles.

With Kedarkantha trek course, savors the experience of a breezy trail through rich woods, snow-loaded trail with patches of green, glade utilized by shepherds amid the late spring season and witness a few pinnacles and ranges. The excite and fervor don't end here. Figure out how to ski and feel the joy as you coast through cold inclines. Feel the excite as you stroll through a portion of the wonderful perspectives of the district. Invest some energy gazing at the entrancing magnificence of the mountains.

You are probably going to run over snow similarly as you cross the 10,000 ft check and stroll through a snow bed with loaded with pine trees. Along the trek, you will discover probably the most excellent campgrounds. Not all treks can gloat of the excellence of their campgrounds like the Kedarkantha trek. This trek is considered as the most excellent trek on the planet. The Juda-Ka-Talab campground sits in a clearing incorporated by gigantic pine trees; the Kedarkantha Construct campground is in light of an open dale with snow beat all around. It is down to earth just as each and every one of them fights with the other for the awesome setting.

This is one trek which ought not to be missed by the enterprise searchers who loves to take a few difficulties. This trek is a perfect goal for the nature darlings to lounge in the beauty of in place nature and appreciates great and glorious minutes with elating encounters.

Trip Highlights

Kedarkantha Trek is one of the most beautiful treks which take you to the land of some of the best views which you will cherish for a lifetime.

- This winter trek will take you through a journey of some of the unknown places with the best views of the mountains.

- During your trek you will trek across some of the most beautiful sights with snow-capped mountains, verdant valleys and frozen ponds.

- Get a chance to witness the vivid flora and fauna of the region as you continue your trek.

- Each of the campsites is known for its amazing surroundings with the beauty of pine trees.

- Soak in the amazing beauty of the region while you continue trekking through the lush meadows, dense pine forests, cascading beautiful streams, and gorgeous maple trees.

Quick Facts:
Temperature: Day: 8°C-15°C and Night: -5°C-3°C
Trekking Distance: 20km
Maximum Altitude: 12,500ft
Difficulty Level: Easy To Moderate
Railway Station: Dehradun is the nearest railway station
Airport: Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun
Base Camp: Sankri (10 hrs drive from Dehradun)
ATM: Purola has the last ATM point before your trek begins


Stay: Tents / Guest House

Activity: Trekking & Camping

Other Inclusions: Guides, Porter/Mule charges for carrying camping equipment & rations, Forest entry charges, permits & camping fee (if any), First Aid Kit (our guides are certified in handling first aid situations)

Thing to Carry

Shirts / T-shirts – 2/3, Warm shirt/light micro fleece pullover/full sleeve T shirt

Trekking Pants that are water resistant/repellent and having inside lining for extra warmth- 2

Windproof/water resistant outer shell (jacket) of good quality with a proper hood

Down jacket with min 600 fill power rating, Thick Fleece / Full-sleeve Woollen sweater

Thermal inner wear (upper and lower)

Woollen cap, Inner fleece gloves, Outer water proof gloves

Thick woollen socks and regular socks (4 – 5 pairs), Scarf/muffler (optional)

Comfortable waterproof Trekking/Hiking shoes that come with a thick sole and high ankles

Camp shoes such as sneakers/sport shoes

Raincoat / Poncho

Small light weight towel

Insulated water bottle and hydration pack (optional)

Cap / floppy hat to keep the strong sun away from your face, Sun glasses with UV protection and ability to cut the glare (important when traversing through snow)

Sturdy walking stick / Trekking pole

Sunscreen Lotion, Lip Balm

Torch / Flashlight (with extra batteries)

Medicines, if requiring any specific medication

Personal toiletries

Day pack/small bag which you will carry on your back every day and keep your essentials in it

Carry rain cover for your bags

Keep a few poly bags or waterproof bags in your bag in which if required you can put your belongings in case of heavy rain

Cancellation Policy

If cancellations are made 30 days before the start date of the trip, 50% of total tour cost will be charged as cancellation fees.

If cancellations are made within 0-30 days before the start date of the trip, 100% of total tour cost will be charged as cancellation fees.

In case of unforeseen weather conditions or government restrictions, certain activities may be cancelled and in such cases the operator will try his best to provide an alternate feasible activity. However no refund will be provided for the same.

Refund Policy

The applicable refund amount will be processed within 10 business days.

Confirmation Policy

The customer receives a confirmation voucher via email within 24 hours of successful booking

In case the preferred slots are unavailable, an alternate schedule of the customer’s preference will be arranged and a new confirmation voucher will be sent via email.

Alternatively, the customer may choose to cancel their booking and a full refund will be processed.

Please fill this form for the cost details.

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