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Much populated Jim Corbett National Park is trying to provide you the best experiences during your Corbett tours. Corbett is implementing its user experience day by day. Now you can get your gypsy and driver details after getting a confirmed permit of either day visit or accommodation. By this implementation, you will not need to book gypsy separately.

Situated in Nainital district of Uttarakhand, Corbett National Park is having rich mixture of flora and fauna along with the miximum no of Royal Bengal Tigers across whole Asia. Jim Corbett National Park is about to take over all the gypsies. Corbett management will operate the functionality of all the gypsies and drivers inside the Corbett National Park. National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) wants to give chance to every traveler by applying some new rules at the online booking portal of Jim Corbett National Park. Another reason for keeping all the gypsies under their supervision can be a point of anti-poaching.

tiger in corbett

According to a News media post, NTCA is about to apply some filters in the official website of Corbett National Park. Till now you could only book a permit for your day visit or night stay and you had to book a gypsy separately. But now when these new rules will be applied on the booking website you will get a gypsy number and driver contact number instantly after the permit generation. Till now the permit cost was around 1000 for 1-6 visitors, now it may raise and gypsy charges would be included in the total permit cost. According to Deputy Director, Mr. Sanjeev Chaturvedi, the following filter may work for future.

Rule 01: 01 Permit/Month/ IP (Internet Protocol) address

After applying this filter only 01 permit can be booked within one month from a particular IP or registered user. You will need to change the IP address if you want to book another visit inside Corbett National Park. The new version of the online booking portal was already difficult and NTCA making it harder and harder. According to the new version you have to register yourself in the portal of Corbett National Park. Only after getting is successful registration you can book one permit daily and you could book up to 3 permits every day by one IP address. Now according to the new rule, you can book only one permit within a month by one IP address or by one user ID.

Rule 02: Online booking cancellation and refund

When this facility becomes available on the online booking portal, visitor can cancel their visit and will get their money back in their bank account. Please read the cancellation policy before making any reservation. For now, there is no cancellation and no refund policy is working from last many years. In fact, some times the booking portal takes the money and becomes booking failed. in that case, you had to mail them the payment debit details for a refund and they refunded in some cases but not to everyone.

elephant in corbett

Advantages and disadvantages of New Rules

I can see the both points of new rules because I am service provider for Corbett and nature lover too. Please find below facts.


1 - If you know the fact that how much important tiger is to save our planet, then new rules are good. These new filters will monitor the strong verification of all the visitors to stop the poaching of tigers. Do you know the poacher come as a visitor and mark the places of tiger sightings? Actually, the game of poaching is on a top level so you can imagine how they are. So these new filters will provide accurate information of any visitor when needed.

2 - The second advantage will be crowd management, after applying these new filters one person can make only one booking within a month by one user ID. So these new filters will control the crowd management and will try to give chance to everyone to explore the beauty of Jim Corbett National Park.
Many guests come to Jim Corbett National Park without prior reservation and they don't get a permit on the spot. So they choose to visit only outer reserve areas of Corbett.


1 - The major disadvantage of applying new rules will be the loss of visitors. There are lots of visitors, actually, wildlifers who like to stay in Corbett forest lodges comes frequently. After applying new rules, they will not be able to visit frequently.

2 - If the booking process is harder so guests may look for other tourist destinations, in that case, Corbett can lose their visitors and all the surrounded hotels and resorts may get losses. It will also decrease the revenue of Jim Corbett National Park.

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