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Abott-mount Uttarakhand

At a height of 7000 feet, there lies the modest village of Abbott Mount from where one could witness the snowcapped precipices of the powerful Himalayas in its full brilliance.

Explore Abott-mount


At an elevation of 7000 feet, there lies the little village of Abbott Mount from where one could witness the snowcapped precipices of the forceful Himalayas in its full radiance. This earth shattering uneven resort on the eastern side of the Kumaon Hills unwinds a tolerable vision of the gigantic crests from the Gangotri bluff to Dhaulagiri go.

Like all other sloping resorts, this slope station is likewise a respectable wander of the dynamic English men, particularly John Harold Abbott, who needs a withdraw from the tedious existence of the fields. In spite of the fact that this is built up amid the early piece of the twentieth century, it prevailing to keep its personality till now.

Abbott Mount has astounding trails and walkways that influence the picnicker to entranced. Beautiful and peaceful surroundings of deodar and pine backwoods are a sanctuary of extraordinary Himalayan flying creatures whose twittering and peeping makes a pleasant environ. It would be an ideal impractical area for youthful couples and honeymooners.

Abbott Mount envelops a bunch of thirteen Cottages set amidst five sections of land of great woods. On its pictorial climate, this villa holds a stunning church, which gives an ethereal interest to its wonderfulness. You can settle on a visit to this uneven resort whenever of the year. On the off chance that you lean toward slower and simple paced excursion, you pick the summers when the whole environment would be loaded with the transparent shades of huge assortment of butterflies. The individuals who lean toward some exciting undertakings can experiment with some angling and other unified enterprises.

Best Time To Visit Abott-mount

ranikhet hd image
The slope station Abbott Mount has a lovely cool atmosphere all through year.

Summers (March to June) are exceptionally charming with temperatures touching down to 10°C amid evenings and achieving a greatest of 20°C amid day times. Traveler might want to investigate the common magnificence amid this season.

Storms (July to September) offers discontinuous showers and cooler than summers. The place looks heavenly amid showers.

Winters (November to February) are crisp with temperature touching down solidifying levels. Numerous sightseers abstain from wandering outside amid solidifying time of December - January.

Best time to visit Abbott Mount is March to November.

Walk to June is ideal for touring and excursions.

April and May are great season for angling in the encompassing Rivers.

July to October is grand with rainstorm showers and is bargain for touring with glorious yearning greeneries.

November to February suits for those like nippy atmosphere.


abott-mount uttarakhand Lohaghat
Lohaghat, situated on the shores of the Lohawati River at an elevation of 1706 meters, is just 7 km from Abbott Mount. Mayawati Ashram or Advaita Ashram, approximately 9 km from Lohaghat is a journey for some aficionados.

Lohaghat fills in as the center to numerous close-by visitor spots like Shyamla Taal, Gurudwara Ritha Sahib and Devidhura. Varansur Fort, which is 7 km from Lohaghat can likewise be gone to. The languid town of Lohaghat winds up occupied with amid Raksha Bandhan in light of the fact that the Bagwal battle festival is held in Devidhura amid this time.

abott-mount uttarakhand Pancheshwar
One of the most elevated greens renowned in India is arranged near the Upat Kalika sanctuary, around 6 km from the Ranikhet town. It is an armed force green, however regular citizens can likewise get to it paying an ostensible charge. It stays open round the year.

abott-mount uttarakhand Mayawati Ashram

Mayawati's Advait Ashram is situated in the Old Tea Estate, at a rise of 1940 meters, 16 km from Abbott Mount. With the Himalayas as a piece of this ashram, this place has turned into a center point for travelers from India and outside nations. With boarding and cabin offices, a little historical center and a library is likewise present in this ashram, which awed Swami Vivekanada in 1898.

abott-mount uttarakhand Vanasur Ka Kila
Vanasur ka Kila is 25 km from Abbott Mount through Lohaghat. In this adventure, almost 2 km must be made a trip by foot to touch base at Vanasur ka Kila. This place, which is thought to be evil spirit Vanasur's capital that Lord Krishna crushed in a fight, is arranged 1,859 meters above ocean level


Exercises in Abbott MountWith environs so dazzling that it will entice you to remain here perpetually, the small slope station of Abbott Mount cased in the Kali Kumaon district of Uttarakhand is an ideal place for the movement addicts. Falling in the socially gaudy, Champawat locale, this perfect slope station is enclosed by the natural bungalows generous sprawling more than five sections of land of land.

abott-mount uttarakhand Nature Walks
Offered with the shifted shades of nature, Abbott Mount is a place for the loners, nature darlings, and introverts who look for quietude in the slopes. Simply fill your petroleum tank and inside 9 km of extend, you will go over Marorakhan, a place to investigate virgin excellence. A lively 3 km soak climb will open up to the perspective of cottony mists imprudently coasting before your eyes.

abott-mount uttarakhand Photography
Since the region is normally copious, there's a great deal in store for the shutterbugs as they can take some real photos of the regular widely varied vegetation around Abbott Mount.

abott-mount uttarakhand Bird Watching
With the twitters of Himalayan feathered creatures, Abott Mount has turned out to be outstanding amongst other spots for winged animal viewing . One can drench up the excellence of the
bright Himalayan flying creatures that are solely found in this district. On the off chance that you visit this place in summers, you can likewise observe the sparkling plantations loaded down with walnuts and pears.

abott-mount uttarakhand Play Cricket at the second highest Cricket pitch in the world
Not many people know that Abbott Mount boasts the world’s second highest cricket pitch in the world. It is a little below 7,000 feet and ranks after the pitch in Chail, H.P. From here, you can savour a gorgeous vista of the mountain ranges of Trishul, Maiktoli, Nandakot, Nandaghunti and the twin peaks of the Nanda Devi. On a sunny day, you can also relish a majestic view of the Pindari glacier.

abott-mount uttarakhand Fishing

From March till the onset of Monsoons, you can enjoy angling at Abbott as Pancheshwar, on the confluence of Saryu and Mahakali rivers which harbour a great variety of fishes, especially Mahseer.

abott-mount uttarakhand Bonfire
On the off chance that you are going in a gathering then you can likewise have a blaze night at Abott, where the fireflies illuminate the dim.

City Facts

State: Uttarakhand

District: Champawat

Famous for/as: Hill Station

Languages: Kumaoni, Hindi Best

Season: Throughout the year

Weather: Summer 17 to 25,

Distances from Important locations

Delhi to Abbott Mount: 384 km

Indore to Abbott Mount: 1024 km

Nagpur to Abbott Mount: 1157 km

Kolkata to Abbott Mount:1424 km

Almora to Abbott Mount: 160 km

Live Weather Report of Abott-mount



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